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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  December 4, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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continues in the wake of the rampage. >> good morning, 5:30, december 4, matt o'donnell is on assignment. nydia han joins us, let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers for weather and traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everyone we have clouds in the northern half of the region, but they are receding and we're looking at the sun running quickly after we get past the sunrise period. where it's clear it's colder. 35 in wilmington, 36 in millville, 39 in dover. not much wind. on bus stop look for temperatures close to 40 degrees, under mostly cloudy skies, more clouds to the north, more sun to the south. chilly conditions. 45 on the storm tracker 6 live app. dipping down closer to 40 by 8:00 a.m. 48 by noon, a high of 52 degrees. the change today is that there isn't as much wind. yesterday it was blustery as you headed out in the afternoon for
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work or play. this afternoon you'll be in better shape that way. karen, the week is looking nice, i'll have the details coming up in accuweather. >> reporter: our big story is an accident in burlington county, new jersey, an overturned vehicle that sparked a fire. 130 northbound at tyler street expect restrictions and slowing, we have fire department an police, there are injuries on the scene. so emergency workers coming to help the people there. let's take a live look at i-95. approaching cottman, southbound traffic heading toward center city, light volume, not a bad ride. the ramp from i-95 northbound is reopened. the construction has cleared. no fog or rain today no big weather-related problems. the vine street expressway was closed in both directions. the construction has cleared, the crews return next week. for now, the vine is open and looking good. in delaware county we have police activity route 1
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northbound to the blue route southbound, but at this point traffic gets by. nydia and tam. >> the san bernadino community came together to remember the 14 people killed in the wednesday's rampage. >> investigators are working to find out whether this was the result of a terrorism or workplace grudge or both. >> reporter: lauren lister is in san bernadino to update us on what police learned so far. >> reporter: good morning, tam and nydia. this morning we're learning about the victims killed in the deadly mass shooting. we're learning about the suspects killed in the shootout with police. authorities are searching for the motive trying to figure out what would drive a young couple with an infant to carry out this attack. the sites and sounds of grieving on display in this southern california community grappling with the loss of 14 lives. as we learn more about the
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suspects who abruptly took them in wednesday's shooting rampage. 12 unexploded bombs described to this one featured in an al qaeda publication found in the couple's home with thousands of rounds of amunition. one neighbor said his wife was suspicious. >> she had noticed they had received quite a few packages in a short amount of time. they were doing a lot of work in the garage. >> reporter: the fbi is treating the investigation of syed rizwan farook and his pack -- pack -- pack -- pakistani born wife as
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shooters. >> they are very overwhelmed. there are 6 kids that lost their father. jennifer salistino clings to an embrace from her husband nicholas. >> i got an extra hug and kiss before he left, so i'm holding on to that. >> reporter: authorities tell abc news, the fbi is looking for connections between farook and two individuals who may have involved in radicalizing him or helping him to plan the attack. the fbi is calling it too soon to call this terror. tam and nidya back to you. staff will be reporting from san bernadino throughout the day. he is the only local reporter on the scene, you can follow his reports on social media and "action news." as is common after the
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attacks many called for gun control. yesterday the u.s. senate voted down a manchester that would expand background checks for -- voted down a bill that would expand background checks. annie mccormick has more. >> reporter: they are expecting to see a surge in gun purchases since the shootings in california. >> the purchases increased after paris and it went down a little bit and started to increase yesterday and today it's been very busy. >> reporter: is surge in gun purchases a correlation to the paris attacks and in the attacks in california it's hunting seasons and the holidays. what happens can have an impact on sales for a variety of reasons. >> it seems that it's defense and political area and the
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aspects of what's going on socially is what's driving. >> reporter: while some americans might be more likely to bear arms now, critics say it should be a time to call for sphoor -- fewer guns. a political gridlock in the senate was denied for more gun background checks. pennsylvania senator pat toomey calls for background checks online and gun shows. in the california massacre, police said the suspects were armed with assault rivals and handguns -- rifles and handguns purchased legally. back here even though a shooting may occur when a gun owner may not have their weapon, some are buying for peace of mind. >> i like its a nice hobby on the side. >> reporter: safety experts urge people to take training classes
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when they buy a weapon like a gun they say they should have an idea of where a safe place they will keep the gun in their home. reporting live in the sat center, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> the new jersey assembly is postponing a vote on a bill dealing with guns and mental illness. the bill requires anyone who wants to expunge their mental health records to buy a gun to notify law enforcement first. governor chris christie vetoed the measure. the assembly voted to override the vote. they said lawmakers will try again in the near foocht. foocht -- future. an person who ran into a philadelphia police cruiser is being tested for dui. it happened on the eastbound schuylkill expressway in here the exit for passyunk avenue. the city of philadelphia could be on the hook for
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$8 million worth of expenses related to pope's france's visit. the world meeting of families is only expected to recent i am burst half of that. -- reimburse half of that. back in september, the city's finalized contract with the organization allotted $5 million for police and 4 million for the fire department. >> 5:38 this is my kind of winter so far. >> reporter: no kidding, a little above average on temperatures generally over the next several days. lots of sunshine and no precipitation. storm tracker 6 live shows you we are dry. stepping outside we have cloud cover across the northern half of the region. this picture looking south along broad street you can see the airplane landing at the airport. clouds are high and thinning out before too much longer. as we take a look at the numbers, it's cool to start out. 45 degrees currently.
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winds, however which were so noticeable yesterday are lighter today only running out of the west at 7 miles per hour currently that's not too bad. there's the cloud cover, we have seen it break up over parts of south jersey and the state of delaware, we'll continue to see this thin out as the sun gets up over the horizon. we'll see sunshine quickly. 8:00 i'm posting clouds for some of you, by 11:00. sun, 46. 51 by 2:00. the high today 52 degrees that's at 3:00 p.m. before we dip into the 40s later in the afternoon and evening hours. 50 is the high in allentown. in the 40s most of the time there. 51 in reading, 50 in trenton and toms river. 52 from cape may to philadelphia. atlantic city, 54. lots of sun and less winds than yesterday. big area of high pressure is buildings in. it will be with us through the weekend. saturday, sunday, look for a fair amount of sunshine and
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sinking air is what you need to dry out the air and get the sun and have a lack of cloud cover. a nice stretch of weather coming up. our average first snow happens in 6 days on the calendar. that will not happen this year because we have no cold shots coming in the next several weeks. winter comes in 17 days. the average cold day is 42 days, that will get pushed off this year because we're having a mild winter. this afternoon, high of 52. mild for december on saturday high of 54. lots of sun there. mostly sunny on sunday, nice, 56 degrees, hanukkah arriving at sundown. monday sun and increasing clouds and another nice high of 55 degrees. tuesday and wednesday will be cooler, breezy, a few more clouds, too, highs of 52. notice how we're taking out the mention of rain, because the costal passing storm system will
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be out to sea we'll not get rain. on thursday we're back under the sun. a nice seven day for early december. >> thank you, david. >> 541. tragic news development in delaware, after gunfire erupted. music fans are mourning the death of scott weiland stone temple front man. we'll have more on his death. >> reporter: we have a big accident in new jersey details coming up. >> bill could also -- bill cosby's wife of 52 years will answer questions under oath next month. details when "action news" continues. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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5:44, 45 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look right now. it is going to be a nice weekend, so make it one. >> that sounds good, let's go over to karen rogers a good start an easy commute to work and school. >> reporter: this is burlington new jersey, 130 northbound at tyler street an overturned vehicle and vehicle fire. we saw a lot of emergency workers out here. they are blocking the right lane, expect slowing 130
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northbound at tyler street right there. we're getting reports of other issues here, the commute traffic report i found people talking about traffic that's near a standstill on 295, southbound right here, there's a construction zone southbound in haddon heights between 0 and 42 and the construction out there is causing restrictions, so we're seeing early morning problems on 295 southbound from haddon heights and trenton and heading south expect a problem in that area. that's an issue in new jersey. we have flooding in new castle, piles lane is blocked at pigeon point road. still use route 9 to avoid any problems there. in delaware county we have this accident off to the side, tow trucks on the scene. we see police on the scene, the ramp from route 1 northbound to the blue route southbound the accident off to the shoulder, so traffic is getting by at this point, be careful about that as you come off the ramp it's not easy to have an accident on the
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ramp. 42 degrees in quakertown. 43 in center city. doesn't feel too bad out there. no weather related problems, we're on a dry easy streak. 36 in woodbine. 38 in dover, delaware. heading up to 52, but less wind, so it should feel nice, tam. >> we learned overnight a shooting victim in new castle county, delaware, has died. 23-year-old man was found with gunshot wounds in claymont last night. he was inside a pick up truck near the brandywine apartment complex. the vehicle ended up off the roadway, police have a vague description of the shooter. a deadly motel fire is under investigation in new castle delaware, a man died when a blaze broke out in his room at the budget inn on south dupont highway yesterday. firefighters say the victim suffered severe burns and by the time they were able to pull him out of the room it was too late. nobody else was hurt. chicago officials released
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surveillance videos near the scene of a shooting of a black 17-year-old by a white police officer. among the footage is from the burger king where the officer shot will mcdonald. the restaurant manager alleged officers deleted video. investigators say forensic review said the video was not tampered with. the jury in the trial of a baltimore police officer has toured the van where freddie gray suffered a faimghts -- fatal spinal injury. gray's repeated requests for a medic were ignored. porter said he thought he was faking an injury. two arrest videos brought his mother to tears. testimony resumes this morning. singer scott weiland is dead at 48 years old.
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he died in his sleep on a tour stop in bloomington, minnesota. the group was scheduled to perform last night. that show was canceled. the former front man for stone temple pilot and velvet revolver suffered from substance abuse for years. it is not clear if this was a cause of his death. a good samaritan is providing the homeless with free coats. someone is swiping packages from delaware, police would like your help to get them behind bars. >> reporter: temperatures in the 30s in some areas and in the 40s elsewhere. 52 degrees, not as windy as yesterday. we'll be back with the day planner and let you know where temperatures are going today.
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>> new this morning, winter coats are popping up on light posts around portland, maine the work of a 20-year-old college student documenting her eforts to help the homeless on social media. she plans to distribute more coats through the winter. there are 200 people who seek shelter in the city every every. >> it's so great to so a young person committed. >> reporter: one coat at a time. montgomeryville this is dekalb pike. we're clear. septa trolleys, route 13 minor delays because of the equipment problems at the darby loop. airport and median elwin lines
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are shutting busing because overhead wires. >> reporter: we have temperatures at 44 degrees if pottstown. cool, but not always bad as -- not as bad as some spots, kennett square, 39 degrees. 42 in glassboro. 36 in woodbine in the 30s in delaware. these are the spots where there are fewer clouds and we're getting the surface heat loss. if you're running errands you might want to wait until later on. 48 by noon. the high is 52 at 3:00 p.m. unlike yesterday we'll have less wind out there, so a comfortable day to get out there and walk to the store and get exercise today, tam. >> thank you, david. you can find the seven-day forecast and live look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at two thieves in delaware stealing holiday cheer from front porches in new castle county. one of the victims got them caught in the act. police released this video from
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a home in bear. the ups driver drops off three boxes and a silver car backs into the driveway and a man in a steelers jersey gets out of the passenger side and puts the package also in the car -- packages in the car and speed off. police have warrant out for their arrests. not nice. 5:23 in the wake of the announcement he is hiv positive, charlie sheen is being sued by one of his ex-s. there's a dating app for someone at disney that story at 6:00. ♪
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of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. accused of secretly recording children changing their clothes at dorney park. this has been happening over the past ten years. the 51-year-old faces counts of producing and distributing child pornography. if convicted he could spend 80 years in prison. bill cosby's wife of 52 years will have to answer questions under oath about her husband. it will be camille could go bee's first -- cosby's first deposition since allegations of assault. camille cosby's deposition is set for january 6 in
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springfield, massachusetts. bill cosby's is set for february. an ex-fiance is suing charlie sheen. she said he did not say he was hiv positive until after they had sex several times. ross met sheen in 2013 and agreed to have sex with the actor for ten thousand dollars. they got engaged in 2014. the actor will contest the suit and have numerous witnesses whole dispute her claim. next and new this morning, a south jersey homeowner said she survived a fire thanks to her four legged friend. >> germaphobes rejoyce, there's a new cell phone you can wash.
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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. friday, december 4. i'm tamala edwards. here's nydia han. matt o'donnell is on assignment. we have several developing stories. flames that could be seen for miles erupted at a south jersey home overnight. we have the details. california rampage, the motive in a deadly mass shooting is a mystery. we're live with the latest on what we do know. >> this cooler weather doesn't last long be we're tracking a weekend warmup. >> a lot of people will be out and about watching the temple game, they will to know what they have in the weather, karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: we're starting out cool, there are clouds across the northern half of the region. over the terrace a couple of breaks opening up, but still


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